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Rapidweaver Made Easy

So, you've bought Rapidweaver - and were so excited to get started on building your new website. You managed to start a new site, picked a theme and added a page or two. Your first couple of pages look nice - you managed to put an image on the homepage, and have an introductory paragraph or two. So far so good.

But, then your excitement came to a screeching halt.
Working with Rapidweaver is nothing like working with Powerpoint - it's sort of WYSIWYG, but not really. You copied your content from Word and placed it on your Rapidweaver page - and now it's all screwed up. Getting the text to flow around images? Forget it. And forms? Ugh!!!

So, now you'll look to the manual - or maybe some videos - for help.

If you're like most folks, the first thing you'll look for are the manuals or free video tutorials. The manual, at least the one Google can find, is really just a series of questions and answers. Not much help there. So, you look for the videos. Ah ha! You found some free ones on the Rapidweaver site! But, then you realize that there are only six of them - and none of them really answer the questions you have. If you want access to the 'real' videos - the ones produced by the Rapidweaver folks that are going to really answer your questions, you'll need to purchase them. At a cost of $10.00/month (ok, really it's a nickel under $10) - and to be honest, you really don't know what your buying. There's no list of what videos are available - or what's coming.

UH OH – Now What?

The Rapidweaver community has always been one of its strongest features. Their bulletin board / forum has long been recognized as a go-to place for help. The long-time users are happy to assist newcomers with their questions. But, wading through the incredible amount of spam is a real chore - and most often, you realize that what you really want is for someone to SHOW you how to do something.

WeaverTips To The Rescue!

WeaverTips is a subscription-based service that costs just $5.99 per month. Enroll anytime - cancel anytime.

Our goal is to provide you with all of the Rapidweaver Tips you'll ever need, with new up-to-date tips every week. I scour the Rapidweaver forum for the most recent questions - and then answer them via short, video tutorials. Whether your just starting out with Rapidweaver or a seasoned pro, this is the best place to turn for answers.

We know that your time is important - which is why we keep the tips short and to the point. You'll be able to view our answers and then apply your newly gained knowledge directly to your site.

Is it expensive? Not hardly. Other options for learning how to create Rapidweaver sites run as much as $20.00 a month. But, we don't believe that anyone needs full-fledge training to work with Rapidweaver. The built-in themes make it easy to create a website - and since it's Mac-based, it's fairly intuitive. However, we know from experience that even though Rapidweaver has drag-and-drop functionality and WYSIWYG page editing, that the program can be a little difficult to use. With WeaverTips, though, you'll find it a breeze!

You've invested time and money in Rapidweaver. Now, make that investment pay off. Sign up for WeaverTips today and see just how far you can go!

WeaverTips includes the following types of tips...

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Congratulations - you've purchased Rapidweaver! But, now what?

Site setup, page setup, themes, working with images, etc., etc., can all seem very daunting at first. Have no worries though - you'll have it all sorted in no time.
Working with pages
There are lots of different options for working with pages. For the beginner, Rapidweaver has everything you'd need built right in: Styled Text, Blog, Contact Form, Photo Album and Sitemap.
Working with Content
Working with text (fonts, colors, alignment, etc.), headers, footers, images, video, and contact forms is easier then it sounds - once you get the hang of it.

Working with Stacks
The holy grail of Rapidweaver. Stacks is a plugin that combines drag-and-drop simplicity with the power of fluid layout.
Responsive Sites
Combined with the right theme and the right plugins, your site will adapt to the viewing environment - be it a desktop, tablet or phone.
How to select a hosting provider - and determining which options you'll need. PHP, Email, Windows or Linux? We have you covered.

Awesome - so tell me more!

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